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Natural Towel 55



Enjoy the art of nature..

Living a natural lifestyle is a life focused on getting back to our roots and the basics of living in harmony with nature. A life focused on production rather than consumption, of being a guardian to the Earth, rather than an enemy. Living a healthy lifestyle means we are actively pursuing the highest level of health for our body and it begins with a mindful choice to desire a holistic life with the balance of mind, body and spirit. There are simple ways that you can begin to change your life to one with intention by contributing to the healthy life found in the natural world. One of these ways is to prefer natural products, like “Nuacotton Green”


Nuacotton Green Natural Towel;

  • Does not contain chemicals such as bleach, alkali and softener
  • Natural Colour (It is dyed with 100% vegetable (natural) dyes)
  • Natural process without chemicals
  • Permanent and natural softness
  • Ecological (less water and energy savings)
  • Skin friendly (use for sensitive skin)
  • Dermotologically Approved
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Natural antibacterial properties from plants
  • High UV protection (Anti UV)


  • Bath Towel 70x140cm
  • Bath Sheet 100x150cm


  • Bath Towel 76x142cm(30"x56")
  • Bath Sheet 102x178cm(40"x70")

Color Options

  • Walnut
  • Walnut Cream
  • Soft Madder
  • Reseda
  • Oak
  • Natural
  • Madder
  • Light Reseda

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