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75 Series SILVER

Towel 75

Nuacotton Silver Towel boasts sublime loft and superior softness, all in a lighter 750 gram weight. Advanced spinning and weaving methods produce its long, untwisted loops, which dry faster and offer unrivaled absorbency.

There are also available 5 sizes; washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet and bathmat.

  • Made from pure, finest extra long staple Aegean cotton, grown in the west region of Turkey
  • Loomed from 100 % Turkish Aegean Cotton by 436 Twist Technology
  • Exceptionally ultra soft and ultra plush
  • Super absorbent and fast drying
  • 7 times more absorbent than traditional cotton terry
  • Getting much softer as long as washed them
  • Nuacotton is thick and lofty yet lighter in weight, with 750 grams per square meter
  • Plush bath mat is a dense 1000 grams per square meter
  • Bath sheets and towels are luxuriously oversized for enveloping comfort
  • Made in Turkey


  • Washcloth 30x50cm
  • Hand Towel 50x90cm
  • Bath Towel 70x140cm
  • Bath Sheet 100x170cm
  • Bathmat 50x70cm


  • Washcloth 31x31cm(12"x12")
  • Hand Towel 51x76cm(20"x30")
  • Bath Towel 76x142cm(30"x56")
  • Bath Sheet 102x178cm(40"x70")
  • Bathmat 48x79cm(19"x30")

Color Options

  • Snowy
  • Pearl
  • Sand
  • Cone
  • Ocean Wave
  • Sea Foam
  • Arctic
  • Ocean
  • Midnight
  • Olive
  • Moss
  • Moonlight
  • Stone
  • Black Sea
  • Mink
  • Lavender

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